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Vincent Art Glass

Custom Stained Glass Design

Design's for past, present, and future

Over 25 years of Experience

Vincent has been working in stained glass since the late seventies.  His love for glass began with his work in commercial glazing.  Vincent's work utilizes art glass, or glass that is hand poured to achieve an artistic and realistic look not found in commercially made glass.  To Vincent, stained glass is more than just an art form.  Stained Glass lamps and windows are popular for their beauty and their functionality.

Custom Stained Glass Designs:

In his studio at the Vincent William Gallery, Vincent creates Tiffany lamp reproductions, custom stained glass lamps, windows and other glass designs.  Vincent's chestnut Lamp was chosen to be in the American Association of Stained Glass Lamp Artists 2010 calendar and again this year in the 2017 calendar!   This calendar is published once a year featuring American's most talented stained glass lamp artists.

Vincent's designs are unique, creative, and affordable.  Contact the Vincent William Gallery, and let Vincent design a custom made piece just for you!